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Short Blonde Hairstyles

today i’ll be colouring my own hairblonde i would like to go for a very light-weightblonde with completely no yellow in itbecause if I have yellow in it I willlook so fucking repelling and uglyyou can’t even imagine yes I had yellowblonde hair and it looked disgustingso we have a tendency to’ll bleach it most likely doubly andthen color it but the coloring has alsoa very little bleach in it so it willprobably get really light this will be myhair color without delay it’s greasy as fuckalso I actually have vegetable oil in it yeah i’mgonna show you the product because youprobably want to check them uneven or simplyskip it thus first we’ve got to bleach Chingthen we’ve got one color that is a bitbrighter and this one may be a bit darkerI’m gonna combine them a hair mask and asilver shampoo thus yeah we have a tendency to started okaymy TV’s still out we have a tendency to started bleachingthe hair as you’ll be able to okay Christynegative right away you can see we tend tostarted to bleached hair and she or he pardondid and she or he bleached it and it didn’thurt the least bit it had been all fine simply my neckwas a touch fidgety and getting red but thatwas okay so yeah yeah my hair wascovered however we tend to overlooked my roots as a result ofyou understand roots ar processing quicker soyeah we did thatplease do not get afraid now however I willshow you the first reason it is a reallyfucking orange however my friend told methat I appear as if rose from large Ifucking it or as a result of she’s therefore fuckingpretty i might die to seem like her Ipersonally assume I look a lot of like drewBarrymore in Charlie’s Angel just writeme in the comments who I appear as if but Iwas fine because I knew that it would beblonde from the primary attempt you know soyeahtell me if I look like rose the processis continuing and that we took our secondround of bleach I only wash my hair withconditioner because no shampoo sorry sothat all the bleach can initiate and itdid initiate so yea we bleached it fora second round we actually packed a shiton my hair it had been at the end it wasdripping off it was really wet mm-hmmalmost like sexual event I’m not gonnaget my head started haptic sensation kind ofbadly however I didn’t know what was aboutto come dandy what the fuck my cats need help so guys this is the final look it’s verysimpleafter the second bleach so this is often howreal desperation looks like I similar to to hear of my friend and welet my hair relaxwe will dye my hair now and therefore the factor isthat the roots are right there than thelength which is normally as a result of theroots are continually a small amount brighter
you’remixing a atomic number 78 ash blonde with a highlift ash blonde and i am gonna take theash blown to the roots so that it’s onlyash blonde and the high lift ash blondeto the ends mixed with this vogue that’swhat we have a tendency to’re gonna do and humidI forgot to film it therefore here comes thenext video alright thus we took the haircolor combination in my hair and it’sburning as fuck i thought i am a pass outor one thing because it’s extremely burningmy head but i’m fine and i am happy andit’s very bright and that i hope it willturn out hi it’s annexed a clearly this is thefinal look i do not understand if the cameracan develop the color right here in reallife it does not look
yellow it appearanceashy I mean it’s a little yellow in ityesblonde is yellow it’s very ash-grey it wasa bit um exhausting i will show you aclose-up just did you see my bruiseI would ought to still be early here Idon’t recognize if you’ll see the roots arereally brightJules fucking blonde and here on thesides too thus I hope that we are going to fixthis I hope that we’ll know in my rootsgo out it will look something like goodyou can see the color there is no I meanthey look a small amount broken but it isn’t badit kind of feels like that girl Lorraineor one thing i do not recognize what her nameyeah her name is Lauren grey i am afucking genius i know it really reasonablylooks like her colour apart from thefact that her roots don’t seem like shitand she’s kind of prettier than i am
whois smart that we discussed that thusright now you’ll be able to see that mean you canonly it solely appears like weird one we’re in my hair back once i’m wearingme open or having like these littlebabies it’s fine so i think i am gonnamaybe I my roots darker therefore it also looksmore natural maybe if my root squareabout it will look better i do not knowI’m simply gonna chill for a second let’stalk regarding damage when the first sphericalof bleach my hair was feeling aftersecond round of bleach it felt weirderit had a unique structure like not sofine and thin any longer however larger and youknow what I mean once you additionally havebleached hair it’s really soft honestlyI don’t think that my hair got anybreakage maybe a bit bit but it wasreally fucking healthy so i think thatwas kind of a good time to bleach it ifyou’re getting to go from dark toblonde i might recommend you to go to aprofessional because such a big amount of things cango wrong I honestly had secured up myfriend was a hairdresser so she kind ofknows what we had to do
but when itcomes to bleaching you ought to go theprofessional or at least have thusmeone’syou consult you as a result of i don’t wish youto go bald or to break your hair or fryyour hair I simply did not head to aprofessional as a result of i do not reallytrust them and those World Health Organization I trust area unit waytoo valuable on behalf of American state so I hope you thinkit appearance cool i really got to get usedto it as a result of it simply all changesyour type I hope you relish this video Ihope you’ve got relaxed and had a fun timewith me and if you wish to possess funtimes with me once more i do not know whatthat was it’s subscribe howeverton here tolike button write me a message decision mechat a littlenothing to do so see you next time

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